About us

Nalapad Transport

We have been in the transporting industry for more than a decade now. We mainly work in movement of container and loose cargo all over the Middle East and transporting of petroleum by-products in the UAE. We have been able to build the long-term relationship with our clients primarily because we understand the individual needs of the customers and work around building a transport system that best suits the customer needs.

We believe that we are as good as the people that work for us, so at the heart of it, we are a personnel centric company. We continuously focus on our human resource in developing their skills in different aspects of their work and making them understand how important is the service that we provide to our customers.

We take pride in a strong team of drivers who have good experience in all aspects of the industry, who are well versed with all aspects and regulation of different ports and other regulatory bodies pertaining to the industry. We have a strong EHS policy in place and ensure it is followed religiously.

We believe that swift and timely transportation is of utmost importance to our customers, so along with proactive personnel, a strong fleet is equally important. We periodically buy new trucks so that we can keep our fleet relatively young. We follow a tested and proved periodic maintenance of our assets in order to make sure uninterrupted services to our customers.

Our Vision

"To be the most efficient transporting company in the region"

Our Mission

To utilize man and machine most optimal way so as to reduce cost and time

To have the highest standard of safety at every point of operation

To offer our clients swift movement of cargo at most competitive price

Continuous training of our personals to meet with the best industry standards


Industry Expertise

With more than a decade of experience in the field of transportation, we understand customer specific requirements and provide client-specific solutions

Continuous Improvements

We continuously improve our technology, fleet and human resources based on the demands and specifications of the market

Tracking 24X7

We exactly know where our trucks are in order to generate the highest quality of services and safety